Thursday, October 13, 2011

Teaching and Sharing WBT

I have implemented WBT in my resource room classes and have converted my co-teaching partner to use WBT in her ELA class.  For the first time I am implementing the Super Improver Wall and plan to introduce the Genius Ladder in the near future.  The Score Board is going great and kids really get into the mighty groan and the 1 minute celebration.  This year I am more conscious of how I am teaching content by using Teach-Okay and Mirror rather than simply talk, ask if they understand, and move on.  The kids love the fact I don't talk all the time, they get to talk to each other, gesture with their hand,... and it's fun.


  1. The Teach/Okay is wonderful!!!! Let the kids do the talking!!!!

  2. It sounds like you are realizing the Coach B's famous adage..."The longer we talk the more students we lose". Teach-OK revolutionizes our way of presenting material. Ten finger Woooooooo!