Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Super Improvers and Score Board Pics

I set up my Super Improvers wall for my three Resource room classes and it is working great.  I created 10 levels (different colors) and posted a sign at the front of the room stating what the Super Improvers goal is for the week.  This week they are working on completing their homework assignment each night.  They earn a star for each night it is completed.  I also have two emotionally impaired students who work independent of the rest of the class.  They too earn stars, but they must show effort and production during class time.  One of them is thrilled to earn stars for her effort and completing her work during class time.  Who would have thought an eighth grader would work so hard to earn stars and be the first to move to Level Two!  It's what we live for in special ed land.  The score board is working well and I have only had to use the Independents one day in the past 4 weeks.  The particular student involved did not want to continue to be an Independent after one class period.  He got the message loud and clear without raising my voice, showing anger towards me or any of the negative vibes usually associated with discipline.  It was great!

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