Saturday, December 3, 2011

WBT Experience in Boyne Elementary

I had the wonderful opportunity to demonstrate WTB in a 2nd grade and 4th grade classroom at Boyne City Elementary School.  It was a wonderful experience.  In particularly, the teachers wanted to see how the Scoreboard worked to motivate students and how Teach-Okay engaged students in the learning process.  the kids were marvelous, enthusiastic, and really into it. Even the shy ones were engaged and working hard to tell their partner what I was teaching.  In the 4th grade class, the teacher told me the class had been working on using transition words in their writing assignments.  I was able to give them a definition of transition words with gestures and the kids worked really hard to teach the concept to their partner.  We had two 4th grade classes in the same room (40+ kids, wow!), so the noise of kids teaching and learning was loud and exciting.  The kids really got into the score board and in the spirit of the season, we used "Ho, Ho, Ho" for the 1 second celebration and "Bah, Humbug", for the mighty groan.  The ideas came straight from the kids.  It was a great opportunity to spread the WBT message and work with students and teachers to improve my skills and craft as well.

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